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Jaroslava Smejkalová

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Ladies and Gentlemen, discerning travellers, lovers of luxury,

There are a number of companies and brands that proudly proclaim that they provide products and services to the most important and demanding clients. It is no different for travel agencies, which strive to reach, with greater or lesser success, you, the most discerning clients. However, mere words, efforts, pretty pictures, and promises do not suffice. PRIVILEQ, a member of the FISCHER travel group, is a different kind of travel agency – one that is designed exclusively for the most discerning of clients.

Our extensive experience has taught us that less talk and more action is what you expect from your travel partner. We know how to listen and we understand your needs. We know that maximum discretion is not only a given, but a necessity. Your privacy is sacred.

For us, every client is unique. Each of you has specific ideas, requirements, wishes and dreams. No two vacations we prepare will ever be alike, even if they are to the same destination. Our services are bespoke. That is why you will not find package holidays in the following pages. Instead, these pages should provide inspiration for what it is possible to experience during your next vacation.

To make it easier to use, we have organized our catalogue geographically by continent. All of the featured hotels, villas, and suites meet our strict criteria for inclusion under the PRIVILEQ brand. We are also well aware that the best,need not be the most expensive, and vice versa. Our clients are demanding and we, in turn, are even more demanding with respect to our suppliers and business partners. Each destination featured by PRIVILEQ offers something extra – a unique experience.

My team of colleagues and I are prepared to fully take care of everything that you will require on your next trip.

Welcome to the world of PRIVILEQ!

We want to inspire you !
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