Metropolitan Touring Jachta La Pinta

Ecuador / Galapagos

The new 56m yacht La Pinta is for up to 48 passengers. A week-long cruise on board the La Pinta will enable you to encounter unique fauna such as the famous Galápagos giant tortoise, wild penguins, iguanas, flamingos, seals, goats, and Darwin’s famous finches.

You can enjoy the Galápagos Sea Reserve, the second largest in the world, while snorkelling, swimming, and whale and dolphin watching.

The distance from the Guayaquil International Airport is 90 minutes by plane or from Quito Airport 180 minutes by plane.

After intense days of exploration, the La Pinta yacht will offer you relaxation, peace, and tasteful accommodation with an informal atmosphere.

The cruise is suitable for guests who want to discover and explore the local flora and fauna, experience adventure, do water sports, as well as relax, enjoy high-quality services and gastronomic delights.

The boat features: a whirlpool, hydro massages, gym with cardio equipment, solarium, sun deck, sea kayaking, snorkelling, a ride in a boat with a glass bottom, guide-accompanied rides through the islands, a library, bar, lounge, restaurant, boutique, satellite Internet connection, connection for a personal iPods, MP3, MP4, and conference room.

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