Aman at Summer Palace

China / Beijing

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Only 15 km northwest of Beijing lays a quiet, exclusive retreat adjacent to the eastern gate of the iconic Summer Palace.  Some of the pavilions are over 100 years old. This is an ideal spot for visiting UNESCO cultural heritage monuments such as the Summer Palace, Forbidden City, Great Wall and the Temple of Heaven.

The complex was used by visitors awaiting an audience with the Empress at the turn of 20th century.  Accommodation is based on traditional Chinese architecture and celebrates the imperial style of the Summer Palace with its inevitable dignity.  Rooms offer all the modern amenities needed for maximum comfort using elements typical of an imperial style. The floors are made of polished tiles and  traditional materials are used for the furniture and interior decor.  The ceiling is exposed in places revealing the wooden roof. 

This resort will fully satisfy even the most demanding guests. The Imperial Suite features three spacious independent pavilions. It has a private courtyard, spa and lounge. The dining room is for 18 people and may be used for receiving your visitors. 

Excellent meals are offered in several restaurants. A Chinese restaurant offers Beijing duck, several imperial dishes along with traditional Canton cuisine. The restaurant has nine separate rooms including six private areas. The Grill serves Western cuisine, with an emphasis on fresh meat and seafood. Naoki combines French and Japanese cuisine. Here you can watch the Chefs preparing your meal as the restaurant has an open kitchen.

Visit also the Aman Spa – a quiet oasis offering procedures that combine traditional Chinese medicine with modern techniques. You can also enjoy the large modern gym, swimming pool, two tennis courts, two squash courts, library, cinema and boutique.

Aman at Summer Palace is a perfect place for a memorable holiday, where you will be surrounded by Chinese cultural heritage and beautiful landscapes.

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